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10 Essential Kitchen Tools for the Beginner Cook

by Maha Khan

A warm and inviting kitchen is considered the heart of the home — a place where love is generously doled out in the form of scrumptious foods, fiery flavours and multiple helpings. For a newbie though, setting up a kitchen can be a daunting task. We have come up with a list of 10 essential kitchen tools that can get you started and set you on your way to culinary success. You will end up with a desi kitchen that is not only warm and inviting, but also functional.

Pot and Pans

Everyday cooking requires nothing more than a basic set of stew pots/ degchis or pateelis. These deep cooking pots do a bang up job when it comes to preparing the humble gravy aka saalan, daals and a multitude of meat and vegetable curries. Aluminium cookware is the variety that is most readily available. However, stew pots come in stainless steel varieties as well. Buy here.


A good cast- iron tava is a must if one wants to gulp down piping hot rotis and parathas. The closest western alternative to a tava is a griddle. However, premium quality tavas are available at most cooking ware stores quite easily. Non- stick tavas are available at Daraz. Do adhere to instructions pertaining to non- stick cook ware before you choose to opt for this kind of tava.

Frying Pan

For those who cannot do without their morning sunny side up eggs or omelettes, an aluminium based frying pan is a must- have. The pan can also bear a non stick coating provided that one adheres to all the precautions that are associated with non- stick cookware. This Prestige Fry Pan Set 2Pc available at Daraz can make your morning breakfast routine an easy breezy experience.


A good quality karhai is made of cast iron. It is quite an essential kitchen item if one wishes to enjoy deep fried foods. In other words almost every other golden brown savoury snack needs a karhai to come into existence. Yum! Read our article, Can Frying oil be Reused?

Heavy stainless steel karhai are also available, if good cast iron ones are hard to come by.

Knife Set

A good knife set can be a very valuable tool when it comes to staying on top of your cooking game. A sharp knife saves time as well as unnecessary toil and labour when it comes to meal prep. Nothing can equal the agony of trying to cut through veggies or meat with a dull knife. Not only that, all that push and pull leads to “ahem” mishaps in the cooking arena. Not a good way to kick off a cooking adventure. This 7pcs Prestige Knife Set available at Daraz is a pretty good bet.

Chopping or Cutting Board

Cutting boards are an ideal way to provide a level surface for any cutting, chopping and dicing that your cooking requires. They also protect your counter tops and knife blades upon contact. They are available in plastic and wooden varieties for everyday use. According to experts, wooden chopping boards have a lesser chance of contaminating food by bacteria as opposed to plastic. For hygiene purposes it is best to keep separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables. This Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is a good option for chopping and prepping your food.

Spoon Set

The basic spoons for most desi cooking include wooden spoons, spatulas for flipping food over, slotted spoons (for fried items) and ladles. Armed with these, you will be able to tackle your daily dose of cooking quite easily. Buy here.

Spice Jars


Variety is the spice of life. One of the best qualities of Pakistani cooking is its versatility. You can transform an entire recipe by experimenting with different spices. Spices are best preserved in airtight glass jars, even old glass jam jars are a good option. Do make sure that you keep basic spices required for everyday use in your kitchen. Purchase these beautiful glass jars from Daraz.

Strainers and Colanders

Keep metal strainers (Challni) or sieves for straining liquids and other ground products. Metal colanders are also handy to strain foods such as rice and pasta. Both plastic/ metal colanders can be used to rinse fruits and vegetables. This Dense Holes Mesh Colander in stainless steel can be used for multiple purposes.

Spice Grinder

Electric spice grinders are uber useful for grinding spices in small quantities. You can get the job done with a simple mortar and pestle but a spice grinder is a decidedly quicker alternative. Buy here.

These 10 essential kitchen tools will be invaluable in assisting the newest of newbies on their cooking sojourn. Happy cooking and bon appetit!

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