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11 Little Known Food and Drink Hacks You Should Know by Now

by Sana Cashmiri

When it comes to basic kitchen skills, everyone needs to know a thing or two to feed their family and loved ones. In fact, some scientists even believe that our food choices are linked to our characters. Fortunately for us, here’s a few little-known tips to improve your cooking and kitchen game, regardless of skill level.


1. Store salad greens with a paper towel to make them last longer in the fridge:

This is because paper towels absorb any excess moisture which keep the greens dry and extends their shelf-life.

2. Cut watermelons into sticks instead of slices:

To avoid drippy messes, produce less waste, and it’s much easier to eat.

3. For easier serving, scoop the ice cream into cupcake liners for easier serving:

Put it in a cupcake tin as well and freeze the entire tin. When time to serve, pop the ice cream into a bowl.

4. Make two ingredient soft-serves with frozen bananas:

Blend frozen bananas with any other ingredient you want like Nutella, nuts or even peanut butter for any easy and healthy dessert.

5. For naturally sweeter lemonade, roast the halved lemons in the oven before juicing them:

When roasting lemons, their natural sugars come out and it tones down their tartness. You won’t even have to use sweetener!

6. Cut the bottom off of lemon or lime when hand-juicing them, then put them facing upwards:

Apparently, you’ll get more juice this way.

7. Spiralise sausages before grilling or cooking them for a more even end-product:

You’ll get some delicious crispy edges and it tastes better!


8. Mix pancake mix batter in a Ziploc bag to save time and avoid messes:

Cut a hole into the ends of the bag to make it easier to pipe into the pan.

9. Cut soft foods with dental floss:

Sometimes, small knives don’t allow for a clean cut, so use dental floss!

10. Freeze a fresh herb mixture in olive oil to add to your meals:

If you like to add fresh herbs to your meals, chop up some herbs, add them to an ice tray with olive oil and freeze them. Add a cube in when you’re cooking.

11. Put a slice of apple in with baked goods to keep them soft and moist:

Baked treats tend to dry up fast so a good way to combat this is to keep them in a plastic container with an apple slice to preserve the moisture.

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