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6 Best Online Grocery Shopping Services In Pakistan

by Maha Khan

Online shopping is one of the blessings of modern technology. One cannot deny the truth of this statement, especially in the post Covid world. In today’s chaotic climate, observing guidelines regarding social distancing can spell the difference between staying healthy or contracting disease. To shop online for groceries is not only safer from a health perspective, it also saves valuable time. Here are a few good online stores, some of which provide one stop solutions for all your household needs.

Fresh Basket (Fruits and More)

Fresh Basket

Fresh Basket is a one stop solution that can solve your kitchen survival struggles during Covid. Keep a well organized pantry or refrigerator with condiments, kitchen ingredients as well as perishable foods. Fresh basket offers fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, dairy and dairy alternatives, juices, breads as well as gift baskets. So jot down a well thought out grocery list and get clicking!

Hum Mart

Hum Mart is an online super market. It enables consumers to buy grocery and staples, beverages, dairy items, frozen and convenience foods, condiments as well as meat and sea food at discounted rates. You can shop within your budget for all your needs right from the comfort of  your home. Hum Mart offers free delivery on all items over Rs. 4000, Rs 100 for orders below Rs 4000. You can also pay Rs 200 additional charges for express orders or delivery on the same day. So get cracking with your shopping list right away!

Be Positive Naturals on Home Chef

Be Positive Naturals on Home Chef

And now a little something for all health food buffs out there. If you are a fan of health boosting super foods, you might not want to miss out on Be Positive Naturals on Home Chef. The chef who prepares these products learnt how to make juices from Dr. Gerson’s Institute in San Diego, California. Their specialities include cold pressed green juice, fermented garlic and honey, Kefir cheese, Kefir Smoothie with Banana and Honey, Kefir Yogurt, Kombucha, Lychee infused Kombucha, Pure peanut butter and Sauerkraut. Hurry up, this is a brilliant online outlet for affordable health food products.


Cartpk is the only online grocery delivery service in Karachi that delivers within 2 hours in any vicinity. The next time you run out of flour, oil, rice, pasta, lentils or spices you might want to reach out to these guys. They are the best option available for emergency fixes when it comes to kitchen ingredient disasters. Dry fruit, nuts, snacks, tea, coffee and desserts are also available on the cartpk website, as are vegetables, fruit and meat. They offer free shipping on all orders over Rs 15oo.


Naheed.pk is a household name when it comes to grocery and other kitchen staples. Their website offers an extensive range of products. You can select from various categories such as fresh products which include fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry. Organic produce is available as well. Other categories include frozen items, dairy, food staples, breakfast items, beverages, bread and bakery, baking and cooking, chocolates and snacks as well as desserts. One can also avail their budget and discount offers (when available) to get value for money. Naheed offers a fairly quick delivery service.


Chase.pk has an edible grocery category that includes comprehensive range of products. A vast range of dry groceries (eggs, oatmeal, honey, spreads and pastes as well as condiments) are available for you to choose from. Also available are basic commodities such as rice, pulses, flour, oil sugar and spices. Chase also offers drinks and beverages, baking ingredients, canned foods, dry fruit, dairy, fruit and vegetables, cakes, snacks as well as sweets. The mode of payment is cash on delivery and the minimum limit for placing orders is Rs 2500. So maintaining a well stocked kitchen is no longer a daunting task thanks to this online option.

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