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7 Last Minute Eid Gifts You Can Order Right Away

by Maha Khan

Hello, fellow foodies! Surely you know what time it is? ‘Tis time to bid good bye to blessed Ramadan. Sweet times are ahead with Eid approaching fast. And yes, here we do sit on the not caving in to emotional eating or sugar rushes side of the fence. However, certain festivals harbour a rainbow trail of delicacies and gifts that they bring about in their wake. Eid is no exception. It is a joyful culmination of a successful fasting season and a harbinger of merriment, love and laughter. A perfect strategy to spread some love on any occasion is to shower your loved ones with gifts. Spread the sweet vibes of Eid with our selection of these exquisite Eid gifts from some of the best eateries, dessert houses and gift shops in town.

LALS Chocolates

When rounding up your crew this Eid, pick from their top notch selection of cakes and hampers. Their distinctive cakes boast a unique selection of flavours bearing Lals signature touch. Select from moist and succulent varieties such as Almond, Chocolate tart, Coffee Bundt and delicate Coconut Tea Cake. Lals Eid mini cakes can described in two words- simply divine. Express your sentiments to your loved ones with their aesthetically appealing and tastefully assembled Eid Gourmet Basket or delicious chocolate selections.

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Spread the joy this Eid by gifting your near and dear delicious chocolates and goodies from Lals. If you can't visit them, you can get this gorgeous hamper delivered to wish them 'Eid Mubarak' Price – 4425 + 13% tax = Rs.5000/- For Karachi delivery visit https://lalschocolates.com/eid-gifting or call on 03071115257 (111-LALS) For Lahore delivery call on 03324697347 This Hamper contains:- ⚈ Classic Gold Box with bons bons (12pcs) ⚈ Assorted French Macarons (4pcs) ⚈ Chocolate bark (150gms) – Any flavor ⚈ Assorted Biscuit pouch ⚈ Motia Scented candle ⚈ Eid Greeting card #karachifood #karachifoodbloggers #karachifooddiaries #karachifoodie #karachibloggers #karachiblogger #karachi #lahorefood #lahorefoodblogger #lahorefoodie #eidgifts #eidgifting #lals #chocolates #chocolategifts

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Keepsakes by ZANTANIA

Keepsakes by Zantania are gift connoisseurs that remain unparalleled in terms of quality and originality. Zantania’s Eid keepsake bundle offers a unique take on Eid gifts. Carefully selected items include organic tea (white tea rose by Teazuro), a beautiful Islamic frame, ittar encapsulated in a classic glass vial. This wonderful gift is a collectible that is in a league all its own. Shower your loved ones with this gem of a bundle.

Sugaries By Mahwish

You will have to stow away Sugaries’ adorable Pinky Cakes from greedy hands! They are sure to garner admiration and third and fourth helpings. If Pink is not your thing then, perhaps the lovingly selected Eid Care Basket will be more to your taste. If Biscotti, bread sticks, tea time cakes and chocolate mousse tickle your fancy then Sugaries is your best bet this Eid!

The Karachi Candle Company

The Karachi Candle Company has come up with a brilliant gift idea to light up your Eid. Add a spark to your Eid by availing this tantalizing and tasty offer from The Karachi Candle Company in collaboration @easybyfatsos. Feast your eyes on the beautifully assorted Eid Doughnut Bouquet packed full of luscious doughnuts, cookies, a delicious jar of granola and an aromatic candle to leave a sweet afterglow!

Ivy Creations

Few gifts can rival Ivy Creations Eid Gift Baskets in terms of healthy wholesomeness. The yumminess factor reaches a perfect 10. Available in two varieties, they provide a slice of the good life in the form of fig jam, Acacia honey, multigrain choco chip cookies and a Lindt Chocolate Mousse jar. If that is not enough to tug at your senses, then perhaps some fresh from the oven Focaccia Bread shall do the trick!

Folia Creatives

Share the bounties of Eid with Folia Creative’s tastefully handcrafted envelopes. Available in elegant varieties from the delicately patterned to the more ornamental ones with bows. Don’t forget to be generous this Eid and loosen those purse strings for Eidi. Do check Folia Creatives Website for their latest variety of envelopes.


Create cherished memories for your loved ones this Eid with N’eco’s customized Eid Baskets. It’s a fun filled Eid extravaganza offer with natural face masks, sweet treats and a host of products from their health and wellness range. Log on to N’eco’s Facebook page to read the instructions in order to place your order. It’s an offer you cannot miss! Take our word for it.

In order to keep your tummy in check this Eid follow our guide on How to Stop Overeating.



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