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A Day In The Life Of a Delivery Rider During Coronavirus

by Maha Khan

It’s a burdensome job but these tough cookies have to “go the extra mile” (No pun intended). Life is not easy for anyone these days what with all the prevailing Corona gloom and doom- and rightfully so! Businesses have taken a hit, local and international restaurants have shut down, the entire country seems to be at a standstill frozen in a time warp. While no one can claim that riders had it made in the shade during any season, given the current atmosphere the tedious job (which is quite thankless to begin with) is proving to be more of a herculean task than usual.

Foodistan got the chance to speak with a food delivery guy very recently, who rides for a local restaurant. For the purpose of this article, let’s call him Simon. Simon gave us the scoop on the perils of going door to door at a time when most people have been advised to stay safe behind the walls of their home. And that is when inspiration struck! Simon and other hardworking individuals, who now literally put their lives in peril to satisfy our cravings need to be applauded. If our dauntless rider had the opportunity to pen down his thoughts, this is what a page about his typical day would look like. The writer has taken the liberty of peppering Simon’s views with some old fashioned idioms.

1st April 2020

Sigh! It’s time to pull out that sanitizer again. I don’t want to my children to catch anything from me once I get home. Not that I have the luxury of choice in this matter. I still need to “put food on the table” and pay the utility bills! The timeless idiom plays on repeat in my life. The evening air is still a bit chilly, I wonder if it’s true that the virus will disappear once the temperature rises? Nah, I doubt it. I thank my lucky stars that I can still carry this on as as a side gig to whip up some extra cash- even if the number of regular orders has shrunk. People are scared to outsource meals, given the current hygiene concerns. Sigh! Orders have dwindled down from an average of ten deliveries on a typical shift, to about seven or eight. Fewer orders equal less amount in tips. And no, most people do not tip me extra taking into account that I am putting myself at risk for the sake of their comfort. The figure might go down even further if things continue in the same vein. Shudder! What is a soul to do in such dire times?

Well, as they say “desperate times call for desperate measures” can’t deny the wisdom of these words! Time to don those disposable gloves and pull that mask over my mouth. One can’t be too careful these days especially when it comes to irate (read: kharoos) customers. While I don’t recall anyone rolling out the red carpet for my arrival, some paranoid customers have made it their mission in life to turn me into an object of perpetual abuse. One even went so far as to threat or instruct that If I knock on his door without a mask or gloves, he will still collect his order but withhold payment! (what he actually implied is anybody’s guess but given the impolite, semi-rude tone, it is safe to assume that this was a low-key threat).

I have saved the best morsel for last (again no pun intended). As with most things, there is a bright side to this fiasco. There are people who, more than anything else, display alarm at the presence of an unknown individual on their doorstep. To them I might as well be an alien, whom they can’t wait to get rid of. However, for all our human follies, there are still some kind souls left on the surface of this planet who take it upon themselves to treat me kindly and ply me with some much needed extra moolah for my services during this tough period.


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<a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/food“>Food photo created by kues1 – www.freepik.com</a>

<a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/food“>Food photo created by kues1 – www.freepik.com</a>













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