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Chocolate vs. Vanilla – The Age Old Debate

by Sana Cashmiri

The century-long debate of whether chocolate is better than vanilla has been going on since the dawn of time. When it comes to chocolate, people can get obsessive, enticing and, honestly, a little mental at times. On the other hand, those who prefer vanilla are labelled as boring and bland and are often laughed at for loving something so simple.

Yes, it is undeniable that chocolate is magical and can be paired with drinks, cheese and even meat at times. It is even added to scented candles, and body care products. Vanilla, however, has a pleasant sweetness and is resourceful as well. So, what’s the drama all about?

The two beans seem to have some differences but a lot of similarities at the same time. Both have effects on your mood, emotions and brain activity. Chocolate releases a substance called theobromine that makes people feel the same way they would if they were in love which is where chocolate receives its reputation. Vanilla is known to be soothing, relaxing, and sensual in fragrance while also being used in medicines.

Compared to chocolate, vanilla is a lot more flexible, considering chocolate is essentially an addition to vanilla. So, if you love chocolate, you’re actually a fan of both.

Chocolate, in fact, has many drawbacks as well. Chocolate often has high fat content, fat, and is associated with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. However, as an antioxidant there are many health benefits as well. However, it’s only good for you if the chocolate is darker and contains a higher cocoa content, hence, always check the label! It is even known to improve cognitive function and help with menstrual cramps due to its high magnesium content.

Vanilla also contains some anti-cancer ingredients and outdo harm from cell anaemia and protect you from Alzheimers. It also smells great and is known to be a fan-favourite when it comes to women’s perfumes.

The main point being, whether you prefer vanilla or chocolate, both of them have their own benefits and you should not feel guilty about eating any of them. Both can co-exist in peace and add their own flavours and richness to our foods, whether that’s a dessert or even something savoury.

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