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Four Must Read Cook Books that You Absolutely Need to Read

by Maha Khan

Looking for a valuable kitchen companion? Look no further than a good cookbook. The right cooking guide (and cook books) can help you master those recipes and cooking techniques that otherwise would have to be learnt through a series of unruly trials and errors. And that is not the most comfortable space to be in especially if you have got eager, hungry mouths to feed. We have compiled a list of four cook books that can offer you guidance and much needed kitchen confidence to serve up those scrumptious family meals. Most of the recipes in these wonderful cook books boast a distinct regional and ethnic flavour too!

A Rhapsody of Cuisine

From the author of “From My Table to Yours” here comes another collection of cooking gems, gathered like pearls from kitchens all over the country. Boasting recipes pertaining to a variety of cuisines, Zeenat Azra Khan’s Book is a collectible that needs to grace every kitchen bookshelf. Take a plunge into Bohra Basics or mouthwatering Parsi cuisine with the likes of Dhansak and Sambhar Masala. Fancy a culinary tour of The Havelis of Hyderabad? Or would you rather visit the lofty heights of Hunza with an immaculate recipe of Beef Stuffed Roti. A Rhapsody of Cuisine offers an unforgettable symphony of tastes and textures that will leave you spellbound and smacking your lips. Available at Paramount Books.

Pakistan Heritage Cuisine: A Food Story

Flipping through the leaves of this beautifully crafted book is an aesthetic experience in itself. From its tasteful cover right down to the last detail of its breathtaking photographs, Saeeda Leghari’s creation is akin to a work of art. The book covers various facets of Ethnic Pakistani cuisine in stunning detail. It presents a melting pot of rich traditions that reflect in the culinary and cultural landscape of our multi ethnic country. Available at Liberty Books.


Mrs. Azra Syed’s Pakistani Cooking

A renown culinary expert, Azra Syed is a familiar name in the Pakistani Cooking Arena. Mrs. Syed’s book is a must have for all kitchen oldies (all respect for seniority) and newbies.  The culinary masterpiece is conveniently divided into sections such as Bread and Breakfasts, Recipes, Snacks and Sweets and Treats. It breaks down recipes into incredibly simple steps. Most novices can attempt these mouth watering recipes with considerable success. Mrs. Syed dispenses invaluable tips and tricks. A glossary of kitchen ingredients in Roman Urdu and English is also included. A useful guide to setting up a kitchen with essential equipment is also provided. So do take advantage of this handy cooking guide from one of the leading cooking experts in the country. Buy here.

Jasmines and Jinns: Memories and Recipes of My Dehli

Embark on a culinary journey with Sadia Dehlvi. The articulate writer walks the reader through the aromatic kitchens of Dehli neighbourhoods. The enthralling book is rich with anecdotes. It sheds light on numerous memorable people who left an indelible mark on the author’s journey. Peppered with conversations, the interesting read provides a fascinating in- depth glimpse into a colourful and vibrant culture. Want to cook up a mouth watering feast of biryani, kofta, qorma and shaami kebabs? All graced with a typical Dehli style signature touch? Then this is the book for you. So peeps, take a peek at this wonderful collection of recipes interwoven with stories to explore an intriguing mix of dishes and delights. Available at Liberty Books.



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