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Health Benefits of Mangoes

by Maha Khan

Make way minions! The mighty mangoes are here. This king of fruit deserves every bit of its well-earned reputation. It remains unparalleled as the undisputed monarch with golden, succulent flesh and its honeyed taste. Bite directly into mango’s lusciousness softness or swirl this golden fruit in healthy smoothies. Mangoes are a substantial health booster. Toss them in colourful salads or chow them  liquified with your nibbles as a dip or dressing. Mangoes promises a treasure trove of health benefits. So step aside, it’s time for mango mania!

1) Beta CaroteneMango healthy fruit

Mangoes are a wonderful source of beta carotene, hence the vibrant bright orange hue. What good is beta carotene, you ask?  Well it is an anti oxidant that is converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A plays a pivotal role in keeping your vision up to par. It facilitates healthy skin and promotes the formation of mucous membranes. It also boosts your immune system.

2) Wonderful VitaminsBeneficial healthy mango salad

Mangoes are also oozing with vitamins C and E. Trivia, your body doesn’t manufacture vitamin C. Vitamin C shields our bodies from colds and staves off other infections while Vitamin E is vital to keep our skin in top form. It also protects our skin from the damage inflicted by the Ultra violet rays of the sun. It keeps our cells plump and elastic and augments our immunity. Moreover, vitamin A, C and E give put up a serious battle against free radicals protecting the body from their damaging impact. So go on, pick up that mango slice.



3) Helps in Digestionmango health benefit: helps in digestion

Mangoes present a powerful combo of soluble and insoluble fibre. They facilitate a well-functioning bowel, chase our digestion woes away and eliminate cholesterol from our system! It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? The next time you suffer from a bout of indigestion, turn to mangoes.

4) Disease Fighter

Mango juice fights diseases

It is said that the juice extracted from unripe mangoes is of considerable help to those suffering from heat stroke. Mangoes also safeguard the body against various types of cancer such as prostate, leukaemia and breast cancer. Their impact on the body exercises an influence in promoting sound cardiac health and preventing clogged arteries. Mangoes also aid those suffering from respiratory issues.

5) Detoxifier

Mangoes have a detoxifying effect on the blood as well as kidneys.

6) Desi Home Remedy

What good is an article about the medicinal properties of the mango without the added benefit of a desi home remedy? mango home remedyNo description in our part of the world can be complete without it. According to Fawzia Memon author of the book Bounties of Health, a good remedy for those who ail with diabetes is to “boil mango leaves at night and drink in the morning.”







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