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Healthy Meals: Delivery Services that Deliver on Quality

by Maha Khan

Covid-19 is a guest that has definitely overstayed at the party. All jokes aside, as life picks up momentum and veers somewhat towards normalcy some food delivery services have opened their doors to customers. Most are observing standard SOP’s when it comes to safe hygiene practices. The good news is many of them are delivering healthy meals to your doorstep. We have picked up the names of some of the best food delivery services around town. They serve food that is not only yummy to the tummy but is easy on the system health- wise too!

Sweet Greens

Sweet Greens promises to deliver ‘subscription meals’ to your doorstep. Their ‘healthy, hearty and wholesome’ Hummus Bowl makes the perfect partner to any nutritious main course. Still hankering after more variety? Try the refreshing Taco Chicken Bowl withΒ  brown rice or mixed greens as its base ingredient. It makes a delicious combination with beetroot tortilla nachos. Or celebrate the warmth of summer with glorious peaches and figs, tossed with tofu, prawns, chicken, fish or seafood. Sweet Greens provides you with the opportunity to customize your meals to suit yourΒ  own sweet taste. This is one experience you will surely relish!

The F’ Word

Food and fitness go hand in hand when it comes to The F’ Word which is primarily a health bar. If you have a hang up about consuming unhealthy meals and want to start with a clean fresh slate, then this ‘Clean Eating and Nutritional Consultancy’ will provide you with healthy solutions. Check out their Instagram page for fresh and healthful eating options. Do subscribe to avail of their tailor made fat loss meal plans. Some of their wholesome and appealing options include Herb Chicken Wholegrain Pasta with Sun dried Tomatoes and healthy homemade banana bread. The page also includes sumptuous DIY recipes for low fat high protein Greek Yogurt, home made cottage cheese and ‘Better than Take out’ Pasta.

Eat Fit

Eat fit is a health food restaurant, that delivers premium quality meals to your home. Pick and choose from an inventive selection of meals from their menu. Try the vibrant and colourful Garden Salad- a combination of leafy greens that brings out the flavour of the season’s freshest produce. Alternatively, you can also opt for the corn and chickpea salad to add a bit of protein and essential nutrients to your everyday meal.Β  In the mood for some health boosting lean meat? Try their Peruvian Chicken with Brown Rice and Green Garlic Sauce along with tender chicken skewers. Do not miss out on these healthful bites oozing with taste and nutrition.


When it comes to delicious meals that deliver both in terms of health and quality as well as taste, Evergreen is a pretty safe bet. Healthy dining and Evergreen go hand in hand. If you are reminiscing about their tangy Beef Chimichurri Bites, go ahead and satisfy your craving. Don’t miss out on the wholesome green salad and PROBIOTIC smart shot! Deliveries are open from 11AM- 11PM daily. So indulge in some self- care by ordering light and wholesome meals to lift up your nutrition quotient as well as spirits. So be it the earthy Caesar Salad Wrap, light and exotic falafel bowl or hard to resist sugar and gluten- free brownies, indulge in this pleasurable gastronomic experience delivered right to your front door.


Welcome to KEATO, the health food store. It is your one stop shop for ‘Customized Gourmet Ketogenic Meal Plans.’ To deliver on their motto of ‘Healthy Living!’ KEATO is also offering a “Special Eid Plan” Not only will it keep you firmly planted on your fitness journey, it will propel you to keep fit right from the comfort of your home! Do check their facebook and Instagram page for more details. If you are a fan of all things Keto, then fill up on Keto pizza and other keto- friendly, low- carb meals to stay in shape.


Figuring out, why people crave junk food can also help you to stay on track and avoid the pitfalls of indulging in unhealthy treats.


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