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Pre Workout Snacks

by Maha Khan

About to hit the gym? It’s always a  bit of a struggle to find something appropriate to nibble on which is both fulfilling and yet light on the tummy. Nothing that would make you throw up after cardio but something that will fuel your energy levels to sustain you through out your training. In order to help you have an effective workout, we have compiled a list of six pre-workout snacks that will provide you with the necessary kick. Added bonus? It will not make you feel pudgy.

  1. Dates


Dates function perfectly as a pre-workout snack. Quick to grab and easy to gobble, they provide a hassle free solution when it comes to generating energy. Dates are rich in carbs and carbs- as we all know- happen to be the main source of energy for our bodies. They are also a fantastic source of potassium which helps in regulating heart beat as well as blood pressure.

2. Egg Whites


Egg whites are not only light, they are also an excellent source of protein. Protein aids with building muscle. The lightness of the snack certainly does not hurt, and keeps you from feeling lethargic. Since the yolk which mainly contains cholesterol along with other vitamin is excluded, this snack is easily digestible and makes for a brilliant pre training snack.

3. Black Coffee


True to its reputation coffee provides an instant kick due to its high caffeine content. Black coffee in particular, which is coffee is its most concentrated form, is an instant energy booster. A shot of black coffee is all you need to consume before you hit the gym. It will provide you with plenty of energy to get through whatever your trainer has in store for you the day.


4. Granola Bars

Granola bars are the quickest and most readily available pre-workout snacks out there. Not only are they packed full of all the essential nutrients, some are especially high in protein in order to help you in build up muscle and stay full. They also contain fibre along with carbs providing the perfect combination of all the food groups required to provide you with adequate fuel. 




berry smoothie

5. Smoothies


Blend vegetables and fruits in a delectable, nutrient dense concoction before you engage in any strenuous activity. It makes for an extremely refreshing tonic especially if seasonal varieties are used. So pack a powerful punch filled with carbs, natural sugar and protein to ensure a safe workout minus any injuries or fainting spells.    



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Naila Shahid May 1, 2020 - 2:40 pm

Good knowledge about pre workout super foods
Which gives you an instant energy boost👌

Faiq khan May 1, 2020 - 9:05 pm

Nice and informative ❤❤


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