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Genius Instant Noodle Hacks

by Sana Cashmiri

Whether it’s Maggi Noodles, Knorr Noodles, or any other kind of ramen or instant noodles, these hacks will definitely up your noodle game. Not only will these save you time, but it will completely elevate your dinner.

1. Add eggs, vegetables, some meat, and some spices like chilli flakes or garlic powder.

2. Use a broth instead of water for an added element of flavour.

Chicken or beef broth can easily be made at home, simmered with some green onions, garlic, chilli paste, or fish sauce.

3. Microwave a mixture of peanut butter, soya sauce, coconut milk, ginger, siracha, and the instant noodle spice packet.

Boil the noodles and add them to the mixture for some delicious homemade Pad Thai.

4. Don’t add the seasoning packet to the water.

Cook the noodles, drain out most of the liquid, then add the seasoning to give more flavour to the noodles.

5. Add a slice of cheese while cooking to get creamy, cheesy noodles.

6. Cook the ramen and drain, then mix half the seasoning packet with soya sauce and a couple drops of sesame seed oil.

Set aside and turn the burner on high, and then cook some garlic, grated ginger, and dried red pepper flakes in oil. Add some vegetables and the remainder of the seasoning packet. Set that aside and scramble an egg or two into the mixture. Next, fry the noodles with the seasoning/soya sauce you mixed at the beginning for a couple minutes, then dump everything in for the perfect stir-fried ramen.

7. Sprinkle on some uncooked ramen for a crunchy bite.

8. Add in some cream of chicken for a creamier ramen.

9. Add sausages to the ramen for some protein

10. Add some dumplings or momos into your noodle soup.

11. Get creative and make your noodles into a burrito!

12. Make a ramen salad by boiling the noodles, making a salad and adding the seasoning and noodles to the salad.

13. Scramble some boiled noodles into an egg with its seasoning.

14. Fry some garlic in the saucepan before making the noodles for an extra depth of flavour.

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