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The Best Desi Desserts You Can Indulge In This Winter

by Sana Cashmiri

Pakistan is full of some delicious delicacies, and thanks to our different cultures, there’s so much variety that you can go days before repeating what you eat. As far as desserts go, every Pakistani has a sweet tooth and we definitely love our desserts. But if you’re new to the Pakistani dessert game, or just need a refresher, have a look at our list for the ultimate desi desserts.


When thinking of Rabri, we’re sure that we poke at some childhood memories reminding you of this delicious churned dessert. Flavoured with saffron and topped with nuts, you know that these premium ingredients can only lead to an elite dessert.

Gulab Jamun:

The perfect ending to any meal, Gulab Jamuns have been satisfying our cravings for as long as we can remember. These perfectly golden brown, yet syrupy, balls of love are best eaten warm. It’s also impossible to stop at just one.

Chum Chum:

Chum Chums are the perfect hybrid of Gulab Jamuns and Ras Malai. It comes in a variety of colours and dates back to the 19th Personally, we like it plain, but you can also stuff it with Mawa, which is dried milk, figs, dates, cashews and more, depending on the occasion.


This rich and colourful combination of ice cream, milk, jelly and saywiyan is the best thing to share with your friends and family. Many variants have come into place since it was brought to the subcontinent from Iran by Muslim merchants in the 16th century and is the Desi equivalent to the East Asian Bubble Tea.


When the heat waves strike, there’s nothing better than a traditional Kulfi to keep us going. It’s also much denser and creamier than ice cream and the traditional rose flavour is definitely our favourite.

Shahi Tukra:

The desi version of its equally delicious Bread Pudding, Shahi Tukras are best for those who don’t like their desserts to be overly sweet, yet their deliciousness still makes you drool over your plate.


Jalebis are the perfect dessert with your evening tea. These orange nets burst with flavour as soon as you bite into them, making them a fun treat to eat.

Gajar Ka Halwa:

Not only are Gajar Ka Halwas pretty, but they’re also extremely delicious with the perfect amount of sweetness. They contain carrots, so they must be healthy, right?


What’s better, and simpler, than the everyday halwa you can buy from your local Halwa Puri shop? Perfect for Sunday brunches, this has become a Pakistani staple and a tradition for many families.


There are many variations to the traditional Kheer, but our favourite has to be Firni. The clay pot adds its own element of texture and, honestly, it tastes so much better in it.


Balu Shahi:

Traditionally given out on weddings, this Desi version of a donut is very sweet, but extremely tasty, with a slightly flaky texture.


Did you know that the largest individual laddu weighs 29,465 kilograms. We’re honestly jealous of whoever got to eat it.


Barfi’s are like ice creams; except they don’t melt! Chocolate barfi is also gaining a lot of traction and are colloquially known as the “Indian-style Brownies”.


Similar to Gajar Ka Halwa, Gajrela is a creamier version and a rarer found delicacy, so it’s best to make it at home.


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