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The Best Summer Popsicle Ideas

by Maha Khan

Summers are synonymous with sun, sweat, power outages and more sweat. But wait folks, there are ways to alleviate your suffering in the sweltering hot weather. On the upside are monsoon showers which cloak everything in lush green and vibrant hues of watermelon pink, violet, tea rose and yellow. Homegrown joys also add a touch of gaiety to the sizzling weather. One item that makes eyes light up and mouths smile instantly is a frosty, fruity popsicle. Whipping up different batches of popsicles in popsicle moulds is a safe, healthy and fun summer pastime. And it comes without the unhealthy dose of high fructose syrup as well as additives which lace commercial alternatives. So take out your blender or food processor, get those molds ready and whip up a summer storm.

Fresh Fruit and Honey

Fresh Fruit and Honey

Pureed fruit makes for an absolutely revitalizing and flavourful popsicle ingredient- as does fruit juice. The icy feel of frozen strawberry peach or mango puree against your mouth when temperatures outside are soaring feels like an absolute blessing. If you feel a tad more adventurous, try adding in watermelon or cantaloupe to your icy creations. Make sure you remove the seeds. And yes, if you favour a sweeter taste, feel free to add some delicious honey to take things up a notch.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit

Greek Yogurt and Fruit

Grab a carton of Greek Yogurt, add some cream and honey and add your favourite fruit. Unleash your inner artist as you leave a trail of colour with pureed fruit, or add some vibrant hues with chopped strawberry or peach. Add jewel- like pomegranate seeds and plums or perhaps a touch of green with some refreshing grape or kiwi. Banana is also a pretty safe bet to add a delicious flavour to your creamy creation. Go bananas with the toppings sprinkles, Smarties, chocolate chips… anything will do as long as it tickles your tastebuds.

Granola Breakfast Popsicles

Breakfast Granola Popsicles

This is a one-of-a-kind grab n’ go breakfast option. Instead of eating your usual combination of fruit, yogurt and granola, you can also freeze it! Add a bit of jam to sweeten the flavour. Strawberries are your best go- to option for fruit, since other kinds of berries are not readily available locally. Use regular yogurt for this sumptuous breakfast treat and combine it with the kind of granola that floats your boat. If it is up your alley add a bit of vanilla extract to lift the flavour. Wanna cheat? Dip it in some chocolate syrup. You wont be disappointed with the results and that’s a promise!

Ginger Peach Tea

Ginger Peach Tea

Sounds peachy, right? You can now enjoy your tea, the only difference is that it is frozen. Gemma’s BIGGER BOLDER BAKING has posted a fruity popsicle combination that involves peach tea bags, water, honey, grated ginger and lemon juice. Sounds like a mix that’s bursting with fragrance and flavour. What a sweet way to lift up a dreary summer afternoon. Peach tea is not only unique in terms of its taste, the popsicle is a cinch to make! If you are feeling extra adventurous, try freezing an apple tea popsicle.



Sugar alert! This juicy combination of lemon juice, sugar and water is a classic summer favourite. This tangy treat comes with a sweet and sour flavour and icy feel. It provides the perfect antidote to those moody blues that arise during ruthless summer spells. So when life gives you lemons, add sugar, water and freeze!

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