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The Dangers of Soy

by Sana Cashmiri


After decades of hearing the marketing spin that soy is actually good for you because it’s a wonder food and a protein-rich legume able to rescue us from our dependence on meat, many people have fallen for this tactic and are unaware of the actual dangers of too much soy consumption.


Soy Danger #1: Phytoestrogens

Soy is higher in phytoestrogens, a plant-based estrogen that mimics the estrogen in our bodies, than just about any other food source. Independent research has clearly shown that consuming phytoestrogens is downright dangerous for the human body, hence, research funded by the soy industry stating otherwise should be avoided. The leading cause of breast cancer is unopposed estrogen or estrogen dominance so why should we continue its consumption?


Soy Danger #2: Goitrogenic

Soy also destroys your thyroid as it is goitrogenic or thyroid suppressing. Goitrogens prevent thyroids from getting the necessary amount of iodine, causing you to gain weight, irregulate your mood, change body temperatures, be easily fatigued and so on.


Soy Danger #3: Phytates

Phytates are enzyme-inhibitors that block mineral absorption in the human digestive tract that are impossible to get rid of. To make them digestible, they need to be fermented, which they are not unless you are consuming miso, tempeh, natto, or a naturally fermented soy sauce (tamari).


Soy Danger #4: Trypsin Inhibitors

Trypsin is a digestive enzyme we need to properly digest protein without which you can get stomach cramps, diarrhea, and bleeding, yet soy is a trypsin inhibitor.

So, yes, soy is extremely bad for you! The soybean was a modest and unpopular crop until food manufacturers intent on creating cheap vegetable oils convinced the U.S. government to start subsidizing it. Thus, the industry was created, marketed (wrongly), and consumed by millions.



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