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Tips for Making Scrambled Eggs

by Maha Khan

One needs to cook scrambled eggs just right for them to cut it as a viable breakfast option at the table. Overcook them and you end up with a leathery mass that makes swallowing a chore. How do you like your scrambled eggs? We prefer ours soft, fluffy and creamy – a tender delight to tickle the taste buds. Stumped on how to prepare perfect scrambled eggs? Try these useful tips to jazz up your plate.


Go Non- Stick

Non- stick pans are wonderfully functional and practical when it comes right down to the nitty gritty of cooking scrambled eggs. They are designed for cooking at low heat and distribute it evenly so that your eggs are nicely done. Moreover, they are quite easy to clean as gooey gunk rarely sticks to them. This type of cookware requires a minimum amount of oil or fat to be utilized in the process of cooking so not only do they cook your scrambled eggs to perfection, you also end up with healthier meals. Use a silicone or wooden spatula to avoid scratching the surface of your pan.

Break Your Eggs in a Bowl

Breaking your eggs directly in the pan can spell a streaky disaster. You want a uniform creamy, fluffy texture, not an ooey gooey mess with streaks running across it. The best way to avoid this unwholesome scenario is to break your eggs in a bowl and whisking them before adding them to the pan.

Whisk those Eggs Nicely

Your eggs need a good whipping! Crave fluffy eggs? Then get that whisk out and put it to good use. Whisking eggs makes them fluffier because air gets introduced to the eggs being prepared.

Hold that Milk

According to a Southern Living article, milk does zilch to improve the texture or taste of scrambled eggs. On the contrary, adding milk makes them rubbery, dulls their natural hue and takes away from the flavour rather than enhancing it.

Butter is Your Best Friend

The same article also recommends that the only fat one needs to add to the pan in order to achieve this delectable dish is a tablespoon or two of butter. Not milk and certainly not cream. Butter is all that is required to impart richness of texture to this fluffy treat.

The Secret Ingredient

There is a secret ingredient that REAL SIMPLE (courtesy of some top chefs) recommends for your scrambled egg recipe. What’s the magic ingredient? You ask. Well, it’s quite simple. Try adding a dash of soy sauce to your eggs instead of salt! Unlike salt, soy sauce is clump- free and pleasantly enhances the flavour of this all- time classic for you to gobble up. Bon appetit!

 Turn the Heat Off

As a parting shot, here is a final professional tip suggested by the spruce Eats. The article highlights a concept known as “carry- over’ cooking. It means that your tasty scrambled eggs continue to cook for a bit after you take them off the stove. So it is a good idea to turn the heat off a few seconds before they reach the desired consistency. They will acquire their preferred texture once spooned on to a plate. Over cooking eggs can land you with a hot mess boasting that dreaded leathery texture.

You can also add add- ons to scrambled eggs such as cheese. Check our Cheese Guide 2.0.




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