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Top Ten Homemade Sauces to Try

by Maha Khan

When it comes to adding some extra oomph to your nibbles, it’s time to step up to pep up. Homemade sauces or dips provide the perfect magic formula to “lift up” an ordinary meal. Give a mild tasting snack  an upgrade from its dreary tried and tested state by dousing it with the goodness of a home cooked sauce. Crank up corn chips with a nice tangy dip or perk up a pesky salad with a lovely homemade dressing. This quarantine make use of your blender or food processor to the fullest and introduce a bit of colour, flavour and texture to your table. Turn out batch after batch of saucy (heehee) delights. Here are some of the top sauces and dips we have selected for you to experiment with. Ready? Let the countdown begin!

Sauce # 10

Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Let’s dive in with this delicately flavoured sauce. There is nothing and we repeat, nothing on this planet that that enhances the flavor of beef steak or chicken fillets better than this creamy creation. It blends beautifully with pasta too. It combines mushrooms, stock and cream and everything serene. Do try Chef Jack Ovens recipe. You can omit the wine in the recipe and substitute it with chicken or vegetable stock according to Chef Ovens.



Sauce # 9

Cucumber and Yogurt Dip (Tzatziki)

This Lebanese yogurt sauce will leave you licking your fingers. It is an exotic antidote to our yogurt and cucumber concoctions. Slather it on pita bread, savor its taste with crunchy vegetable slices or grab a bag of tortilla chips to go with it. Try this recipe from CookingwithFiona . It combines cucumbers and wholesome Greek yogurt with a touch of tangy lemon along with a host of other ingredients.







Sauce # 8

Pesto Sauce

Who can forget to include this all time favourite classic? It enhances pasta with a unique burst of flavour. This pine nut delight combines grated Parmesan and basil leaves with a hint of garlic and olive oil. An exquisite recipe for the classic pesto by Food wishes is worth a shot to chase the quarantine doldrums away.

Sauce # 7

Restaurant Style Sweet and Sour Sauce

Who doesn’t relish the tangy balance of sweet and sour all combined in one adventurous creation? This combination of brown sugar, pineapple juice and vinegar fires up crispy fried snacks. It adds a bit of muscle to spring rolls, deep fried fish or even chicken. You can be inventive with other fried options. Here are two different sweet and sour sauces to tantalize your taste-buds. Try this crackin’ formula from Crouton Crackerjacks . Alternatively you can also whip this tangy treat from Kimberly Killebrew .





Sauce # 6

Dynamite Sauce

When it comes to dipping sauces, few can compete with the full flavoured and zesty  dynamite sauce. This spicy mayo dip is best served with fried foods such as fried chicken or prawns. It combines creamy mayonnaise with flaming hot chilli sauce to create a tangy sauce with a thick consistency. This recipe by Cooking Arena is sure to appeal to your aesthetic tastes, leaving you clamoring for more.



Sauce # 5

Hollandaise Sauce

Ever noticed the divine tasting golden goodness of a well prepared Hollandaise Sauce. The beatific buttery sauce is an excellent accompaniment for steamed asparagus and other vegetables, yummy poached eggs or even steamed fish. It works wonders with chicken too. Watch Jamie Oliver prepare his delicious Hollandaise sauce .




Sauce # 4


This is a flavoursome avocado sauce with a dash of lemon juice, that adds a sharp taste to sun- dried bread. It also enhances corn chips with an off-the- charts zing. Sour cream (optional) adds a creamy texture to this silky smooth concoction. These three easy Guacamole recipes  by Natashas Kitchen are  surefire winners in the kitchen.




Sauce # 3

Mango and Mint Salsa

Calling all mango maniacs! Blend the local fervor (or fever) for mangoes with a Mexican twist. And presto! You end up with this delightful sweet and savoury mix of mangoes and mint which lights up a plain tortilla chippie snack or even a meal of barbecued fish or chicken kebabs. It goes well as a side with vegetables too. This salsa recipe by Country 106.5 WYRK (Liz’s Kitchen) is by far the simplest and most delicious.



Sauce # 2

Balsamic Vinaigrette

This is our second contender, a seasoned combination of olive oil, dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar. Try this unique vinaigrette to dress up a healthy green salad. Rockin Robin Cooks has a wonderful recipe for you to upgrade your plain salad. Get recipe here.

Sauce # 1

Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha fires up the belly faster than you can say, “hot.” The number one spot goes to the uber popular Thai hottie- the unparalleled Sriracha. To crank up the heat in your own kitchen, give this recipe  by POPSUGAR Food a whirl. A written version of the recipe is also available here.

So cook up some sauces this quarantine to enjoy some fun food moments with your family. Here are some ideas to spend a quality Ramadan with your clan.








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