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Traditional Ramadan Foods From Around the World

by Maha Khan

Traditional Ramadan fare from around the world is not only a treat for the eyes, it also offers an infinite variety of flavours, tastes, textures, desserts, dips and dippers. Considering the dire straits the travel industry is in during the “Ronageddon” as some call it, it is probably safer to travel on Aladdin’s magic carpet to Agrabah than take a ride on an aeroplane. Well, we can’t take you “Around the World in Eighty Days” during the span of one short article. What we can certainly offer is a tantalizing glimpse of traditional Ramadan foods from around the world.


Turkey Traditonal Ramadan Turkish Iftaar

Turkish iftar offers an eclectic mix of the sweet, savoury and tangy. A delectable contrast is presented between piping hot and cold with heartwarming nourishing soups and fresh fruit. Turkish cheese and olives galore. No description of Turkish Ramadan cuisine is complete without the traditional Turkish bread “Pide”. Try this recipe by Aysenur Altan at Turkish Food Recipes.

Turkish coffee in front of blue mosque


Dates and Turkish Delight sweeten the experience. Main courses consist of flavoursome meals such as Meat Kebabs with Vegetables.

The pleasing affair concludes with dessert and sweetly perfumed Turkish coffee.

Try to whip up your own Turkish feast with Turkish food recipes here.


Traditional Ramadan Moroccan dish Harira

Moroccans know how to live it up in Ramadan. Their cuisine is as exotic in flavour as it is unique  in taste. A hot steaming bowl of Harira  fires up the tummy for the rest of the ambrosial Iftar fare. Harira is a- lentil based soup garlanded with a helping of chickpeas, parsley and tomatoes,  Here is a traditional Harira recipe. 

The famed Moroccan Tagine is another savoury option that is served as one of the main courses. From chicken and apricots to saffron and cinnamon, it combines a diverse and eclectic mix of ingredients which impart an enchanting flavor to the dish. The ingredients are combined and cooked in a traditional terracotta vessel known as the Tagine.


Traditional Ramadan dessert Moroccan Sellou

For a delectable sweet touch, Sellou is a treat that is frequently highlighted on the Ramadan menu. Almond paste, cinnamon powder and honey delight the tastebuds with their irresistible taste. Enjoy a traditional recipe from Moroccan Cuisine With Hayat .  To freshen the palate and add a crowning touch to the charming affair, pleasant smelling mint tea is served.


Traditional Ramadan Indonesia Food Chicken Satay

Surprise, surprise! The tastefully spiced and seasoned Satay is one of the popular dishes of Indonesian Ramadan fest. Grilled chicken meat or beef on skewers served with a punchy sauce is a savoury chow few can (wait, no one can) resist. Check “How to make Indonesian chicken Satay/ Sate Ayam”


Kolak is a traditional dessert with which Indonesians typically break their fast. It uses coconut milk and sugar as base ingredients. A popular Ramadan variety is kolak kalong- kaling. For you’re your knowledge, kalong kaling is a type of fruit! One more delish type of kolak is the Kolak Pisang. It combines a mouth-watering mix of bananas, coconut milk, coconut sugar and pandan leaf. The only word that springs to the mind is yum!

Indonesian dates




Traditionally they also break their fast with Kurma. The rest of the globe prefers to call them dates. A word here though, Indonesian cuisine includes some of the most exotic and aromatic ingredients around the world. Lime leaves, jackfruit, green bananas and galangal are some examples. Do explore the ginormous variety of scrumptious Indonesian iftar foods to cook.


Sri Lanka

Srilanka Samosa eaten as a ramadan food

Let’s round off this Ramadan culinary piece with our Sri Lankan friends, whose typical iftar menus consist of samosas and pakoras (fritters), sounds familiar, yum!

Sri Lankans also have a traditional unique dish associated with Ramadan known as Kanji . It is a special porridge made with rice, vegetables, chicken and a host of flavoursome spices.Seafood is also an option. Try this amazing Sri Lankan Kanji recipe by ShafnyTv .








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