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Zen for Ten: Comfort Food Make A Pandemic Comeback

by Maha Khan

Don’t shoot the messenger! We are not pushing the case for crazy binge eating here. However, one can’t deny the undeniable, being cooped up in our houses hasn’t exactly been a picnic. The term “chaotic” has been redefined and acquired a new meaning. Crazy is the new sane as we engage in next level Netflix binge watching to find solace. Are you looking for your Zen? We have compiled a short list of top ten comfort foods to lift you out of your doldrums. So chuck that loony bin aside, you are not destined for it anytime soon. Dig in and soothe your soul with these quick pick- me- ups.

Super Picks to Munch with Flicks

Er..back to Netflix. Here’s what you can eat while firmly planted in front of your telly or laptop.

  1. Popcorn

You knew this one was coming. Duh. What can possibly top crunchy, salty creamy popcorn oozing with buttery goodness? So keep these time tested puffs of joy on your list. These are little nuggets of hope coated in gold.

  1. Mac n’ Cheese

Imagine, the aroma of freshly cooked cheese wafting through the house. A piping hot bowl of melt-in-your mouth macaroni placed right in front of you. Ah, bliss redefined.

  1. Hot Chocolate

When the going gets tough, the tough get going….towards the kitchen that is! Fix yourself a heartwarming cup of hot chocolate. It is a well known fact among culinary experts (not) that cocoa equals comfort. Top the frothy goodness in your mug with some marsh mellows. Sprinkle some powdered cinnamon. Now inhale and exhale.

  1. Scrambled Eggs

They have to be the right consistency to make an impact. As Baby Bear would say that they have to be cooked, “Just right.” Nothing hits the spot better than the smooth and rich texture of creamy scrambled eggs.

  1. Fruit Yoghurt

Health conscious foodies rejoice! Fruit yoghurt made the list. Indulge your senses absolutely guilt free with this lesser evil of most store bought options. The tangy zing of this fruity dessert can perk up the grumpiest of moods.


Comfort Eating While Reading

And the list continues…..foods to accompany you as you take a break from reality with a good book.

  1. Crisps

No list can be complete with giving an honourable mention to these tasty, crunchy morsels in all their crumbly goodness. Yum!

  1. Cookies

Cookies make pretty good companions when one is engrossed in a good read. Little bursts of flavor exploding on your tongue as you sink your teeth in their luscious, moist goodness. This is the way the cookie crumbles.

  1. Sausages

Sauté them in a split second or simmer them in a pot. Sink your teeth into succulent sausages. The sharp, smoky taste and chewy texture are a surefire success. This is a quick sanity saving snack!

  1. Masala Chai

Every desi household prides itself on its chai making rituals. Drink it plain or spice it up with ginger and mint. This is a cup of comfort that warms many a dreary evening.

  1. Potato mash

The ultimate soul food to spend a cozy evening cooped up with your favourite book. This ooey gooey mixture with its baby food like consistency feels as good as a warm hug!







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Naila Shahid April 14, 2020 - 11:55 am

Wowww…wonderful choices for easy munching…for oldies and kids both…creaminess of fruit yoghurt and oozing mac cheese…mashed potatoes …family favourite…now i look behind as you mention the goodies/ yummies…family favourites😊
SARAH FAHAD…thanks for bringing the favourites back🙏
Super Blog Foodistan👌✋🏻High 5


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